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Are you looking for the best place to practice Yoga in Melbourne? Do you need a relaxing atmosphere with excellent yoga instructors in Melbourne?

We have been providing Yoga Classes in Melbourne for many years and have gained respect as one of the best Yoga studios we offer a number of yoga classes to choose from with our early morning and late evening classes fitting in with busy lifestyles of our guests. 

From beginners in Yoga to Yoga masters, as an established yoga studio we have the class to suit you.  With a great deal of experience our Yoga studios and Yoga classes have grown and adapted over the years to accommodate the varying demands of those who wish to experience the calming peace and tranquillity that yoga offers. Our experienced Yoga instructors have allowed us to offer specialist yoga classes that include Yoga for kids, Yoga for seniors, Men only and Ladies only classes all provided right here in Melbourne. 

At the heart of all we do at our Yoga centre is your health and wellbeing. All our qualified and experienced instructors put your health and fitness at the top of their priority lists and will work closely with you on one on one  if you choose so that you may achieve your fitness goals.  If you only want to use Yoga a way to keep in shape, relax and meditate our instructors will teach you how best to get the most out of this. 

Our classes are small and are suitable for all levels of Yoga expertise, no one is better than another and our philosophy of assisting, gently encouraging and caring for each member of any class makes our yoga classes and sessions fun as well a very rewarding.

Booking for our yoga classes is essential as classes are full because yoga in Melbourne has become a very popular for exercise in the last few years.

If you are new to Yoga you have nothing to worry about.  When booking ask us about our beginners classes and then book and just bring yourself in some comfortable clothing.  Contrary to popular belief Yoga involves a lot of movement and you will need to be able to move easily.  Our conveniently located Melbourne Yoga Studios provide all the equipment you need, all we ask is that you relax and enjoy your yoga class.

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